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January 2023 Nostalgic African Glamour

Updated: Feb 24

Here's What I'm listening to as I ring in 2023

Franco et OK Jazz Feat. Jolie Detta - Massu

I felt drawn to find the video for this song that unlocks some of my most deeply vaulted and preciously cherished childhood memories.

I think this video and song are hypnotic. Mystical. It amalgamates some key details about my past and my family heritage into one anecdote, along with the feelings I have regarding New Years as a significant marker in time, and the concepts of celebration.

I mean, that silver suit says so much on its own. The chanteuse, Jolie Detta, is an embodiment of retro African glamour. This VHS re-up pulls me right back: It's the late 80's or maybe early 90's when I'm being introduced to these sounds. A Ugandan family holiday living room party is underway! All the cuzzos are here. Running around from the basement, upstairs to the kitchen for chapatis, mandazis, rice with stew and probably some 7Up or Orange soda, then back to the basement. High on the chaos of our mildly supervised childhood ecstasy. The adults are chatting, making the food, serving the drinks, selecting Congolese grooves to dance to. I asked my mom about this song, and she tells me that although this video and version of the song are circa 1970s-80s, its actually a cover version of the original song that is apparently much older.

This was the first song I listened to in 2023. I have a bit of a ritual of listening to New Years Day by U2 each year so this is a switch up. I think it might earn a permanent place on my New Years Playlist.

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