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Bvitae : Recording Artist, Performer

Bringing the art of delivery back to the foundations of musical expression is Bvitae's modus operandi. Her ear for envelope-pushing soundscapes has led to collaborations with multiple Grammy award winning composers and producers. 

Bvitae's captivating stage presence as a performer evokes awe from audiences and her releases have received support from key tastemakers including design duo M/M Paris and BBC Radio 1 program host Benji B. 

As a genre-melding vocalist & emcee, her influences range from Jungle to R&B, Hip Hop to Jazz, and Pan African Folk Music to modern day Afrobeats. Bvitae also credits various alternative and experimental music movements as having a strong impression on her sense of creativity. Her latest series of collaborations and self-released singles showcase her exceptional skills as a lyricist, bouncing between bars, soulful harmonies and memorable hooks with complete ease. 

Photo by Selci

"Smooth Grooves While We Cruise Thru Hoodoos"

BADLANDS In Review: 1 Year Retrospective

A BADLANDS themed Spotify playlist curated by Bvitae

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